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Land plots for sale in Kaunas region

Land plots for sale in Kaunas region, land plot in Kaunas region for sale


It is territory of 40 ha in a picturesque place near Kaunas (15 km from the downtown of Kaunas), near a village Kulautuva. The territory contains a complex of land plots, surrounded by natural forest Pakarkle.

The land plots are located on the both sides of the road Kaunas - Jurbarkas. The largest part of the territory is located between the forest Pakarkle and the rivers Karkle, Zvirgzde and Nemunas.

The river Karkle has a dam and a huge pond. Trout, salmon, catfish and other fish is bred in the pond.

Several springs formed a few more ponds..

Land plots for sale:

1. Land plot - 0,05 ha.

2. Land plot - 0,42 ha - ant the road Kaunas - Jurbarkas on the shore of a pond - a perfect place for a road house or wooden cottages, bathouses to build or other purpose.

3 - 4. Land plots - 0,40 ha and 0,96 ha in the very center of the park "NAUJIENOS PARKAS" at the river Karkle. The land plots locate near each other and can be connected that makes a land plot of 1,36 ha - a perfect place for homestead, camping or....? It is about 300 meters to the road from the land plots. One more land plot of 1 ha is going to be connected to these land plots on the shore of the river Karkle.

5. Land plot - 0,90 ha - SOLD.

6. Land plot - 1,85 ha - SOLD

7. Land plot - 1,95 ha - the land plot locates on the hillside and it is perfect for a Swiss or Austrian or Bavarian style homestead - SOLD.

8. Land plot - 6,20 ha one of the best land plots, surrounded by a pond, rivers Karkle and Zvirgzde. Pineforset around the land plot, many pines grow in the land plot. The land plot is meant to build a prestigious village or homestead - manor. It can be used as a gravell pit at first.

9. Land plot - 15,00 ha the main land plot of the park "NAUJIENOS PARKAS".The river Karkle flows through the land plot with its dam, there are foundations of an old mill near the river in the land plot, huge pond. The lan plot has an electricity substation, telephone line, internet cable, irrigation system. A perfect view from a hill to the whole territory with all the ponds. The rivers Karkle flows in to the river Nemunas 700 meters further. Licence to enclose the territory. The land plot is reserved by the owner.

10. Land plot - 4,50 ha.

11. We can form different land plots (form 1 to 4,5 ha) according to your requirements near the river Karkle and the pond.

Othe land plots are beeing formed at the moment.

Price of the land plot starts from 1500 LTL/ a.


Pictures of the territory





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